Oracle Outlook: Lenormand Reading for May 29 – June 4, 2017

I’ve been really immersed in the Lenormand the last few days.

Over on my YouTube channel, I’ve been posting installments of a new video series on the Lenormand card meanings I use in my study and work with the deck. The series is the response from a couple of viewers in particular, Miss L and Carla, who both asked if I would make a video (or, in my case, videos, since I can be a bit wordy) about my keyword associations for the cards.

As a result of spending so much time with the Lenormand, it wasn’t quite a stretch to have it assist me for this week’s reading. I’m specifically choosing the Mystical Lenormand by Regula Elizabeth Fiechter and Urban Trösch (published by AGM-Urania) to work with.

Taking the deck in hand, I’m shuffling the cards, asking what we might expect for the week ahead.

The video below reveals the cards in the reading:

If you prefer to read the post, here it is:

The cards for the week are: Clover, Lady, Heart, Cross, and Ship.

Focus of the Reading

The focus card this week, which is in the middle of the line, is Heart.

While Heart has associations with love and romance, my first go-to keywords are passion and enthusiasm.

And what I love (that was intended) about this particular depiction of the card is that the heart has flames around it. The visual makes me think of a situation that “sets your heart on fire” or a “burning” desire.

With that in mind, the focus this week could pertain to a burning passion—both in the good sense and the challenging sense.

In the good sense, Heart could be asking us to focus on the things we love in our lives; in the challenging sense, we may find ourselves focusing on something that gets us “heated” emotionally, that gets our blood boiling because we’re that passionate about it.

I also get the sense that we’re being called to bring love into our interactions and experiences this week. Heart gets us to look at our “love walk” and to “put a little love in our hearts.”

Looking at the Line

The cards immediately flanking Heart, Lady and Cross, form a pair that I read in a line as something more in-depth about the focus (Heart).

Lady, falling to the left of Heart, is a card that simply refers to a woman.

If you’re a woman reading this post, Lady is a reference to you (possibly, depending on the surrounding cards); if you’re a man reading this, Lady could refer to a woman who is significant to you personally or plays a significant role in the situation that the surrounding cards will offer more information about.

Falling to the left of Heart, Lady is facing away from Heart, and this can suggest something the woman is putting behind her, something she might be leaving in the past.

Heart, as a card of love and romance, could suggest a prior relationship; as a card of passion and enthusiasm, could suggest the woman was passionate or enthusiastic in the past (and may have lost her “fire”); as a card of feelings and emotions, Lady not facing Heart could suggest the woman is ignoring her feelings about something.

Cross, falling on the right side of Heart, can indicate burdens and difficulties, so the woman could be emotionally processing (Heart) a love or romance (Heart) that was difficult (Cross) in her past (Lady in front of Heart and Cross).

Cross is also a card of crisis and ordeal, so the woman may have reached a “crisis point” of some kind.

From an emotional standpoint (Heart), Cross is a card of grief and suffering , suggesting that, while the relationship was challenging (Cross can suggest it tested her faith), turning away from it may still be grief-inducing.

Shifting the perspective to something more positive, another possibility with Heart + Cross could be a soul mate or twin flame type of romance or love, as Cross is a card of spirituality and karma (and Heart has the burning heart with what could be considered Adam and Eve in the image).

In this case, Lady in front of the pair could suggest recently discovering her “other half.”

And while we could romanticize these types of unions (Heart), they are critical (Cross) in helping us grow spiritually (Cross), and sometimes come with a great deal of challenges (Cross).

With that in mind, Lady + Cross could be read as “the woman (Lady) needs to keep the faith (Cross) during an ordeal (Cross) that is both critical (Cross) and necessary (Cross) to her spirituality (Lady + Cross).”

The outer cards, Clover and Ship, can offer information that would sum things up.

In case you thought things were feeling kind of heavy, Clover appears on the scene to lighten things up a bit.

Clover is a card of luck and fortune, and this is good for Lady, as she is facing Clover, suggesting that she will be on the receiving end of something beneficial coming to her.

Clover is a card of opportunity, and if we consider this meaning, the woman will have to consider whether she wants to take a chance on the opportunity (the positive aspect of Clover) or see the opportunity being presented as a risk or gamble (the challenging aspects of Clover).

And she may not have a lot of time to weigh her options, as Clover can also suggest the window of opportunity may be brief or short-term (timing aspects I associate with Clover).

From an emotional standpoint (Heart), Clover offers the woman a chance to be spontaneous and carefree, and it’s a stroke of good luck (Clover) that Cross is behind Lady in the line, suggesting she leave her burdens in the past.

Will she allow herself a little bit of happiness (Clover)—even if it’s brief (Clover)?

And that brings us to Ship, the card on the other side of the line.

Ship is a card of travel and a journey, and at the end of the line, can suggest a “ship that has set sail,” given that Lady is not facing this card, reinforcing something that’s a part of her past.

While Ship can refer to an actual journey, keeping with some of the information provided by Heart and Cross, Ship can also refer to one’s life journey or spiritual journey, and that the woman may be navigating through some emotional waters this week.

Ship can also refer to something foreign, so these “waters” might be “foreign territory” for the woman.

But she can do it: Clover + Ship, as a pair, reads “an opportunity (Clover) for progress (Ship) and to move forward (Ship).”

She might consider packing her faith, as Cross + Ship reads “faith (Cross) is both critical (Cross) and necessary (Cross) for the journey (Ship).”

And, on that note, I’ll wrap up this week’s Outlook.

Wishing you luck (Clover) as you journey (Ship) through the week,




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