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about lifeplan-promoWelcome to my blog!

I’m James Himm Mitchell, the Dreamer and Visionary of LifePlan, an intuitive coaching and consulting services company, based in Charleston, South Carolina.

I blog about both my personal and professional experiences studying and working with dreams and divinatory oracles (specifically Tarot, playing cards, Lenormand, and Angel Cards). For me, each can help us tap into the well of our inner wisdom, and aid us in the process of becoming more self-aware.

My dream, with this work, is to offer people another perspective about their experiences, and to empower them to choose the best course of action, so they can move forward and live the life of their dreams.

Join me here every week for intuitive insights and guidance, lessons learned through dreams and divination tools, personal reflections, and updates on what’s happening in my world. To stay up-to-date, subscribe to my blog via e-mail or RSS.

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My Story

I’m living the life of my dreams.

What I mean by that is my nightly sleep dreams have played an important part in the direction of my life.

When I was younger, I didn’t take much stock in my dreams; I don’t even recall remembering many dreams throughout my childhood. I did have some telling dreams during my teenage years, but that is, of course, hindsight being 20-20.

It wasn’t until a dream I had—one that literally saved my life—woke me up to the power of this resource we have access to every single night. It also set the stage for me to begin keeping track of my dreams.

A short time after that, I moved, from my native New Jersey to South Carolina, and an interesting thing happened with my dreams: I started having precognitive dreams, which are dreams that inform the dreamer of future events.

And during this precognitive period, I had a dream that, once again, altered my life’s path. It was a dream that led me to picking up, studying, and working with the Tarot.

That action led me to form my first business, Dreams and Visions, which provided dream interpretations and Tarot consultations for clients. I’ve also taught classes and facilitated lectures and workshops in the local Charleston, South Carolina area. I was a featured reader on “Two Girls and a Guy,” the radio show broadcast on 95SX, and featured as a Tarot reader in the novel “Sweet Revenge,” by Fern Michaels.

My dreams then led me to study psychology and train to become a life coach. With that study and training, I founded the award-winning LifePlan Coaching & Consulting.

In my work as an intuitive life coach, I help my clients create the tools and develop the strategies to make better decisions in their personal lives, in their careers, and about their well-being by using these ancient wisdom tools that have been such an influential part of my life.

My goal is to inspire and motivate my clients, to get them thinking about their lives in new and exciting ways so they can move in a new direction, toward the life they really want to be living—a life of purpose, meaning, and fulfillment.

I hold a Master of Arts (MA) in Psychology, and I’ve studied dreams and Tarot in-depth for the past 17 years. I’ve been studying and working with the Lenormand Oracle for over a year, and recently became a Certified Angel Card Reader™, having been trained by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine.

I’m also a certified Reiki Master-Teacher, in the Usui tradition, a certified Akashic Records Consultant (ARC), and an ordained minister through Universal Life Church (ULC).

In addition to that, I’m also a member of the International Association for the Study of Dreams (IASD), the Charleston Area Tarot Society (CATS), and the American Counseling Association (ACA).

I’m also in the process of writing my first book, Follow Your Dreams: Learning to Listen to the Guidance of Dreams.

In my spare time, I enjoy reading (books and comic books, as well as cards); watching action adventure shows, soap operas, “Super Soul Sunday” and “Iyanla, Fix My Life” on TV; and volunteering my time at both my local Unity Church and Reiki clinic.

You can connect with me on Facebook at facebook.com/jameshimmintuitive and facebook.com/lifeplancoaching, on Twitter, and on Instagram.

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2 Responses to About James

  1. Sherri L Gilliland says:

    Can’t wait for your book to come out! I will absolutely be buying a copy and hope that maybe I can get you to sign one for me. I know that you will go far in your work, because of the love and compassion that you feel for people and the work. You are, by far, one of the most insightful people I have ever had the blessing of knowing. Don’t ever stop this work, for I honestly believe this is what you were sent here by a higher power to do.

    • James Himm says:

      Thank you SO much for the comment. It touched me deeply; I got somewhat emotional. I am humbled by your kind words.
      I am glad that my love for my work is plain for you to see. And, you don’t have to worry; I will be doing this work for the rest of my life. I feel as you do, in the fact that I was born to do what I am doing. I can’t (and don’t want to) envision my life not doing this, in any form or fashion.
      As for the book, the manuscript is still in development. It is a labor of love, but one that is taking some time, as I work on my Master of Arts in Psychology degree. I will definitely autograph a copy for you when it is published. I will keep you updated on its progress.
      Thank you again for the comments, but most of all, thank you for your support all these years. It means so much.
      Love and light,

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