Oracle Outlook: What’s in the (Playing) Cards?

oracle outlook header-playing cardsEarlier in the week, I shared a Lenormand card reading for the Oracle Outlook.

And what I’m going to do in this post, as a follow-up to that initial reading, is to then look at the playing card inserts and the numbers of the cards for additional insights.

If you want to watch the video of the reading, you can check it out below.

 If you prefer to read the text, here it is for you:

The reading for the week consisted of Garden, Cross, Heart, Birds, and Mountain.

oracle outlook-piatnikRevealing the Hidden Dynamics

heart-piatnikIf you checked out the previous post, you’ll recall that the focus card, Heart, informed us the central issue this week could either be related to love and romance, feelings of affection, or passion and enthusiasm.

Aside from reading the line, from the perspective of all the pairings of the cards, let’s turn to the playing card inserts to see what additional information can be provided about these matters of the heart.

On the left side of Heart, we have 8 of Spades (Garden) and 6 of Clubs (Cross). Adding 8 + 6, we have a total of 14. The 14th card in the deck is Fox.

fox-piatnikOn this side of Heart, Fox can be about, in the context of passion or enthusiasm, a skill or a craft. With that, Fox can suggest a craft or skill that could lead someone into self-employment, as Fox can also mean independence.

If we consider Heart as love and romance, the independence factor can also apply here, as the implication here is that someone is feeling (Heart) the need to be on his or her own.

Fox can also be about having the feeling (Heart) that someone may be trying to take advantage of one’s emotions, possibly trying to manipulate people or situations.

Lastly, Fox can suggest making a mistake, that something feels (Heart) wrong or bad.

On the other side of Heart, we have 7 of Diamonds (Birds) and 8 of Clubs (Mountain). Adding 7 + 8, we have a total of 15, and the 15th card in the deck is Bear.

bear-piatnikOn this side of the emotional line, Bear is a card of power and strength. It’s also a card of being the boss, so it can be about management, being a supervisor, or an authority who has some influence.

If we go with Fox as skill and employment, then Bear is a card that can reinforce self-employment, as it can mean being in charge. Bear can also suggest, when following one’s passion (Heart) and turning that into a business, it’s not just enough to have the skill or craft (Fox); there needs to be a strategy (Fox) as well as the resources (Bear) to be successful in that business.

If we go with Heart as a love/romantic scenario, and Fox as the need for independence, Bear could suggest one reason for that: someone in the relationship is coming off as overbearing, perhaps controlling even. This energy can come across as being forceful and bossy. And for the person on the receiving end of that, it’s just now too much (remember Birds was a card of frustration).

In another relationship scenario, these cards could suggest that if someone is feeling (Heart) as if they’re being “played” (Fox), then an opportunity is being presented to stand in one’s personal power. It may be a matter of saying “no” and standing in that “no.”

Totaling the Playing Cards

After looking at the dynamics, I like to add all the playing cards up for any last advice this feature of the Lenormand wants to share. Adding 8 + 6 + 11 (Jack of Hearts) + 7 + 8, the total is 40. There are 36 cards in the deck, so with a number over 36, like there is here, the digits are added together. So, 4 + 0 = 4, and the 4th card in the deck is House.

house-piatnikHouse is a card of home life, and that can include immediate family. House can also relate (Heart) to the people we share living space with, if not necessarily family.

So, in this regard, House could suggest that the relationship in question may be with an immediate family member or people who live together.

House can also be a card that pertains to a small business or a retail business, which would connect Heart as a passion (as well as Fox and Bear as self-employment and being the boss). It would suggest a heart-centered type of business, or that one’s whole “heart” should be put into it. If you’re gonna do it, you need to be in love with it.

Another thing that’s coming to me, in the moment, is that House can also represent being comfortable living in the skin you’re in. In this regard, Heart and House are asking for self-love and self-acceptance this week.

If this resonates with you, then I will also add this: Fox is suggesting a challenge with thinking you’re somehow “bad” or “wrong” for being who you are (or that others are attempting to make you feel bad or wrong); while Bear might suggest a need to love yourself and your body (and your body image).

Getting to the Essence

Now that we’ve looked at the playing cards, let’s round out this week’s reading by seeing what the essence card is. Adding up the numbers on the cards in the line, we have a total of 113 (20 + 36 + 24 + 12 + 21 = 113). Again, the total is over 36, so 1 + 1 + 3 = 5. The 5th card is Tree.

tree-piatnikTree is a card of health and healing, so with Heart, it could mean healing for the heart (emotionally) or about heart health (physical).

Tree is also about growth and development, which would make sense if Heart is passion and we connect that with Fox, Bear, and House as business-related cards, then Tree is a card about “branching out” and developing connections (which comes from the 7 of Hearts, the playing card insert on Tree).

Tree can also suggest that the business has to do with healing, and the person running it is a healer of some kind. With House, the phrase “home healthcare” comes to mind.

Whatever the scenario that resonates and relates to you, Tree is saying that the situation is coming to you so you can develop patience (as trees take time to grow and therefore being patient with that growth process).

Wrapping Things Up

And there you have it; we’ve reached the end of this week’s reading. Thanks for joining me in this space for another Oracle Outlook; I hope you found the reading interesting, informative, and insightful.

I’m hoping you have a wonderful week, and I look forward to you joining me here again for the next Oracle Outlook!

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The cards presented in this reading are from the Piatnik Lenormand.

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