Lenormand & Tarot Tag-Team, Part 1: October 19-25, 2015

Welcome to this week’s Lenormand & Tarot tag-team reading! So glad to have you here with me in this space!

We’re going to let the Lenormand start things off, and this week, I’m once again turning to the most recent deck in my ever-growing collection, the Unforgettable Lenormand, by Teri Smith of Divine Walks (you can check out a video of the cards here, or go to her site for more information).

With the deck in hand, I’m shuffling, cutting, and dealing up the cards for this week’s reading, with this question in mind: What are the possibilities for the week ahead?

The video below reveals the cards in the reading:

If you prefer to read the post, here it is:

The cards for our reading are Ship, Dog, and Mice.

Ship, Dog, and Mice, from the Unforgettable Lenormand by Teri Smith of Divine Walks.

Ship, Dog, and Mice, from the Unforgettable Lenormand by Teri Smith of Divine Walks.

dog-unforgettableThe focus of the reading is Dog, which you might recall from last week’s reading, as it was the last card in the line. This week, Dog has shifted, taking center stage. This can suggest the central focus this week is on a friendship or a partnership.

For me, I can see this card also meaning help, support, and trust. If we are referring to a person, Dog would mean someone being loyal, friendly, helpful, supportive, and trustworthy.

Lenormand is best read in pairs and triplets, and in the reading, we have three pairs.

ship dog-unforgettableOur first pair is Ship + Dog.

Ship is a card of travel and transportation. It’s a card of journeys, both literal and metaphorical (the life and spiritual journey). Ship implies distance, so it can suggest traveling abroad, or someone coming from a foreign land.

For me, Ship can also suggest progression, advancement, and moving forward. It’s a card of movement. I also consider some things like exploration and navigation.

In these modern times, I see Ship as issues having to do with shipping and shipments, as well as import and export. With a slant on import and export, Ship can also indicate commerce and ventures.

So, the pair could be read as travel with a friend, partner, or companion; the progression of a friendship or partnership; and exploring or navigating a friendship or partnership.

dog mice-unforgettableAnother pair in this reading is Dog + Mice.

Mice is a card of stress and worry. Mice suggests there are things either eating away at us or gnawing away at us. And because of this, Mice can suggest a loss that happens gradually.

It can indicate something being eroded or is decaying.

Mice, being a card of loss, can sometimes suggest the loss comes as a result of theft—something has been taken from someone.

So, the pair of Dog + Mice can mean: loss of a friendship or partnership; a friend is stressed out or worried; a friendship or partnership becomes stressful or worrisome; a friend becomes a nuisance (think of Mice as being “pests”); loss of help or support; loss of trust.

It’s said that when Mice follows a card (as in this case, following Dog), it’s the previous card that is being affected by the loss, or is being eroded and decayed.

With Dog actually facing Mice, it can be read as a friend or partner faces a loss.

ship mice-unforgettableAnd the final pair in this triplet of cards, Ship + Mice, can be read as: a venture becomes stressful; stressed and worried about a trip; loss of transportation (this made me think of when my car was stolen—right in front of my apartment building, at the time); and the loss of a shipment.

Reading the line, from left to right, could suggest the possibility of travel (Ship) with a friend or partner (Dog) becoming stressful (Mice); or a venture (Ship) with a partner (Dog) experiences a declining loss (Mice).

Using a shortened variation of the Hidden Dynamics technique for possibly more information (since there are three cards rather than the five I typically use this technique with), Ship has the 10 of Spades as its inset. The 10th card in the deck is Scythe.

scythe-unforgettableIf this one seems familiar to you, it might be because it was one of the cards in last week’s reading too.

Scythe is a card of removal and elimination. It’s a card of something that is sharp, pointed, and can cut. It’s a card of something being broken or being severed. It can indicate a hurt, pain, wound, or injury. It can suggest a need for swift and sudden action.

Keeping with Dog as the focus, Scythe might suggest that we might be in a position to help or support (Dog) a friend (Dog) with something painful or some kind of hurt (Scythe).

With Dog being about trust and being trustworthy, Scythe might suggest hurt or pain as a result of a disconnection (Scythe) with a friend or partner (Dog) concerning a break (Scythe) in trust (Dog).

On the other side, we have the 7 of Clubs, the inset of Mice. The 7th card in the deck is Snake.

snake-unforgettableSnake, for me, is a card of complications, complexities, and a long and winding process.

It can also be a card of lies and betrayal. And that could fit with the reason for a possible disconnection with a friend or partner; the pain (Scythe) could come from having been lied to or betrayed (Snake).

Another way of looking at the dynamics here might be that the pain or hurt (Scythe) a friend or partner (Dog) might need help or support with (Dog) is going to be a complicated process (Snake) toward healing (Snake, as some see Snake as healing and transformation).

The last thing we can do with the pips (playing cards) is to add the numbers together for another piece of advice. So, taking 10 + 10 (10 of Hearts) + 7, we get a total of 27.

letter-unforgettableThe 27th card in the deck is Letter.

Letter is a card of news and messages, typically some form of written correspondence. It can represent some paperwork or a document, or something being “documented.”

There may be an actual letter (notification), an e-mail or text that might play a role into the possible situation this week.

To round out this portion of the tag-team, we can take the numbers of the cards, and like the pips, add them together to get the essence of the reading.

Taking 3 + 18 + 23, we get a total of 44. Since there are 36 cards in the deck, I add the two digits together (as the number is over 36); 4 + 4 =8, and the 8th card in the deck is Coffin.

coffin-unforgettableCoffin is a card of endings and completion. It could suggest that the news (Letter) may be to finalize something, to bring closure to a situation, to put an issue to rest or bed once and for all.

That brings the reading, from the perspective of the Lenormand, to a close (Coffin). Since this is a tag-team, the Lenormand has tagged the Tarot for its turn, which I will present in the very next post.

Until then…

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