Oracle Outlook: Lenormand Reading for March 21-27, 2016

If you checked out my previous post, you’ll recall I shared about a change in how the weekly readings will be presented in this space. The change came as a means of honoring the readers of the blog who wanted to see more Lenormand readings again, as well as my desire to present more of my Angel card readings here.

So, this week marks the first Oracle Outlook, which is my weekly series that will rotate Tarot, Lenormand, and Angel card readings.

And, to mark this momentous occasion, I’m presenting a Line of 5 Lenormand reading for the week ahead. Taking the Dondorf Lenormand, the deck assisting me, in hand, I’m shuffling the cards, asking what we might expect for the week ahead.

The video below reveals the cards in the reading:

If you prefer to read the post, here it is:

The cards for the week are: Clouds, Bouquet, Heart, Tree, and Ways.

oracle outlook 3-19-2016The Focus of the Reading

heart-dondorfOur focus card this week, which is in the middle of the line, is Heart. For me, Heart is a card that can indicate passion and enthusiasm as a possible focus for the week. Heart is also a card of love and romance, as well as feelings and affections, so there may be a focus on romantic relationships as well.

For me, personally, I see Heart as fans (those who love what you do), so the card, in this position, is sending the message that I’m focusing (the focus card) on the fans (Heart) who love (Heart) the Lenormand by using the deck to conduct this week’s reading—and they might be very enthusiastic (Heart) about it.

Looking at Combinations in the Line

Since Lenormand is best read in pairs and combinations, the other cards around Heart can give us more information on the possible focus Heart is highlighting.

clouds-dondorfThe first card in the line, Clouds, is considered one of the more troubling cards in the deck. Clouds can indicate confusion, uncertainty, and doubt, and can suggest, with Heart, that there may be a “gray area” with a relationship or a passion this week. The pair form an interesting dichotomy, as Clouds is a card of the head (thinking) and Heart is a card of the—well, heart (feeling). There may be a conflict between what you think about a situation this week—and how you feel about it.

bouquet-dondorf lenormandBouquet, the card between Clouds and Heart, is a card that talks about gifts, invitations, and surprises. I also read Bouquet as a card of appreciation (think of the act of giving flowers as a show of appreciation). So it could be that there’s a sense of uncertainty (Clouds) about being appreciated (Bouquet) in a romantic relationship (Heart), creating confusion and doubt (Clouds) about how someone is now feeling (Heart).

Bouquet, being a face card (Queen of Spades), can suggest a woman is going through this confusion. If you look at Clouds, another face card (King of Clubs), you’ll notice that while the Queen is facing the King, he is not looking her way.

This thought just popped into my mind: A man (King) may have forgotten (Clouds) an anniversary (Bouquet) with a woman (Queen) he’s in a relationship with (Heart), and doing so may have created doubt (Clouds) for the woman (Queen) about his feelings (Heart) for her.

If you look at Heart as passion, Bouquet is a card of talent. So, it could be that there’s uncertainty (Clouds) about a gift or a talent (Bouquet) that there’s a great deal of enthusiasm (Heart) for. It could be that the person with the gift or talent is unsure (Clouds) about who would appreciate (Bouquet) it, and who would be just as passionate and enthusiastic (Heart) about it.

tree-dondorf lenormandOn the other side of Heart, there’s Tree, a card of health and healing. It’s also a card of growth and development, and a need for patience, as a tree takes quite some time to grow.

With Heart, it could be that a heart (Heart) needs some healing (Tree), especially considering the possible scenarios presented on the other side of the line. It could also suggest that a romance (Heart) is growing and developing (Tree) and there’s a need for patience in that process. If there are problems (Clouds), then this pair is a suggestion to consider what might make the relationship (Heart) healthy (Tree) again.

If Heart is passion, then there may be a passion for healing (Tree), and that Tree is encouraging someone to “branch out” into this field. Bouquet + Tree would reinforce the gift (Bouquet) of healing (Tree) here.

ways-dondorf lenormandComing to the end of the line, there’s Ways. This is a card of choices, options, and alternatives. I see this card as a path or approach, a direction or departure.

With Heart, Ways can suggest reaching a crossroads in a relationship, with regards to its direction, and needing to make a choice, which could be whether to stay or to go. Either way, the choice would be made with a need to heal (Tree) in mind.

If Heart is passion, then Ways would suggest a number of paths being presented to pursue. With Tree in between, and as a card of health and healing, could suggest a possible future direction in alternative health and healing (Tree + Ways), and being faced with choosing the best path in that field.

Reading the Line

After all these pairings to create meaning, the time comes to form a sentence connecting all the cards. Taking all the possibilities into consideration, here are my summations:

If Heart is a relationship, then the line could be read to say, “Doubt (Clouds) about being appreciated (Bouquet) in a romantic relationship (Heart) needs to be healed (Tree) or could lead to a departure (Ways).”

oracle outlook 3-19-2016If Heart is a passion, then the line could be read to say, “Uncertainty (Clouds) about a gift, talent (Bouquet) and passion (Heart) for healing (Tree), and how to branch out (Tree), leads to some options (Ways) being presented in the future (Ways at the end of the line, as the future).”

End of the Line

And that brings us to the end of this portion of the reading. In the next post, I’ll take a peek at the playing cards in the reading, as well as the numbers on the cards, for any additional insights.

Until then…

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The Dondorf Lenormand used in this week’s reading comes from “The Easy Lenormand” deck and book set by Marcus Katz & Tali Goodwin, and is published by Llewellyn.

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