Oracle Outlook: Lenormand Reading for April 11-17, 2016 (Part 2)

oracle outlook header-playing cardsIn my previous post, I shared the first part of this week’s Lenormand reading, which consisted of looking at the cards in the line in different combinations and then as a whole.

In this post, I’ll be taking a look for some additional information from the playing cards and the numbers on the cards that made up the reading.

If you want to watch the video of the reading, you can check it out below.

If you prefer to read the text, here it is for you:

The reading for the week consisted of Coffin, Scythe, Rider, Dog, and Moon.

lenormand reading 4-9-2016Revealing the Hidden Dynamics

You’ll recall that the focus card, Rider, informed us the central issue this week could either be news or messages being delivered or an arrival or visit of some kind.

A technique I use, to uncover some additional information about the central issue, involves the playing card inserts.

garden-dondorfOn the left side of Rider, we have 9 of Diamonds (Coffin) and Jack of Diamonds (Scythe). These cards, for me, are valued at 9 and 11, respectively. Adding 9 + 11, we have a total of 20. The 20th card in the Lenormand deck is Garden.

Garden is a card of the public and things social. It can be a card representing groups and communities, as well as public places and social venues. Basically, it relates to anything have to do with other people and places where people gather and congregate.

If Rider is news and messages, then Garden can make that news pertaining to or for the public, or that the news is about a group or community of people. With the social slant of Garden, the news or message might be delivered through social media.

It could also be that the news is about someone in the public eye, and possibly some form of publicity (remembering that Moon is a card of career and reputation). Garden, in this sense, is about public and social standing.

dog-dondorfOn the right side of Rider, we have 10 of Hearts (Dog) and 8 of Hearts (Moon). Adding 10 + 8, we have a total of 18. The 18th card in the deck is Dog.

Dog is already in the line, and I find it interesting when a card in the line appears as one of the dynamics. It reinforces the aspects of the card, repeating its message (pun intended, because of Rider–blame it on the Rider…)

Dog, as I mentioned in the first part of this reading, can refer to a friend, partner, or companion. Dog can also mean indicate help, support, trust, and loyalty.

So, a possible message being repeated is that there may be news (Rider) about a friend or partner, or that there’s a message pertaining to help and support.

We could state the dynamics as, “The Rider is between the Garden and the Dog.” Translated, we could say, “The focus (Rider being the focus card) of the news or message (Rider) is either a group (Garden) or a friend or partner (Dog).” It could also suggest the news either being for the public (Garden) or that it’s something for a trusted friend or partner.

The pair of Garden + Dog could be read as a friendly group or community; a helpful group or community; a trusted group or community; and a dog park or a group of dogs  (remember that Lenormand can be quite literal). Some of these associations could refer back to the message of help and support being delivered, indicating the message being put out publicly, to a particular group or community of people.

Totaling the Pips

whip-dondorfAfter looking at the dynamics, I like to add all the playing cards up for any last advice this feature of the Lenormand wants to share. Adding 9 + 11 + 9 (9 of Hearts) + 10 +8, the total is 47. There are 36 cards in the deck, so with a number over 36, like there is here, the digits are added together. So, 4 + 7 = 11, and the 11th card in the deck is Whip.

Whip is a card that points to a repeated activity. It can suggest the activity is physical. Whip can indicate anger, conflict, and strife, and with that, it can refer to heated words being exchanged, in the form of arguments and debates. Throw in the physical aspect of Whip, and the heated words can escalate into a physical fight.

For me, Whip is a card of training (I have seen this card refer to personal trainers) and discipline (along the lines of working with a personal trainer).

So, incorporating Whip with the other cards, here are some possibilities:

  • There could be news (Rider) made public (Garden) about a fight (Whip) that escalated suddenly (Scythe) and ended (Coffin) with an injury (Scythe). As a result, there is public (Garden) help or support being offered (Dog) in honor (Moon) of someone involved, due to career or reputation (Moon).
  • There could be news (Rider) that someone in the public eye (Garden) is going through a sudden or unexpected ending (Coffin + Scythe), and may be due to an affair (Whip being a card of casual sex and Scythe + Dog could mean a break in trust and a disconnection/split with a partner). The person in question may have been concerned with the news becoming public (Coffin could mean that there was an attempt to “keep a lid on things”) because of what it might to do to career or reputation (Coffin + Moon).

Getting to the Essence

bear-dondorf lenormandNow that we’ve looked at the playing cards, let’s round out this week’s reading by seeing what the essence card is. Adding up the numbers on the cards in the line, we have a total of 69 (8 + 10 + 1 + 18 + 32 = 69). Again, the total is over 36, so 6 + 9 = 15. The 15th card is Bear.

Bear is what I call the “boss” card, and can point to a person with authority and influence. As such, this reinforces the idea of someone in the public eye or having some public standing; someone who has some power.

I also read Bear as diet and food, so this could bring in the health references I made in the first part of the reading (Coffin being a card of illness).

As a result of the illness, there may be action taken to eliminate (Scythe) foods (Bear) from the diet (Bear).

If surgery (Scythe) becomes an option, then Bear could hint at gastric bypass as the means toward reducing weight (Bear can indicate being heavy).

If the person is someone in the public (Garden being public and Moon being career), then he or she might use this experience to help (Dog) others (Garden) faced with the same challenges and issues with food and weight (Bear).

Wrapping Things Up

And there you have it; we’ve reached the end of this week’s reading. Thanks for joining me in this space for another Oracle Outlook; I hope you found the reading interesting, informative, and insightful.

I’m hoping you have a wonderful week, and I look forward to you joining me here again for the next Oracle Outlook!

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The Dondorf Lenormand used in this week’s reading comes from “The Easy Lenormand” deck and book set by Marcus Katz & Tali Goodwin, and is published by Llewellyn.

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