Reading Angel Cards with Reiki Practitioners

angel cards-reiki-headerEarlier this week, I was invited back to talk to a group of Reiki practitioners. The last time I spoke to this group, I talked about Tarot and led the audience through individual single-card readings, and then a group reading.

Rather than talking about Tarot again, I thought this time I would share my experience with Angel cards.

me reading angel cardsSince becoming a Certified Angel Card Reader™ (CACR), I’ve only worked with the cards with my private clients, shared insights in my daily divination posts on social media, and of course for the Oracle Outlook; this would be my first time presenting my Angel card experience to a group of people.

And, just as I did with my Tarot presentation, I told the group we would be doing readings. I also told them they didn’t have to have an in-depth working knowledge of the cards. What we did together that night was designed to stretch their intuitive muscles—and for them to discover the ways their intuition—and the Angels—spoke to them. They were, I told them, just dipping their toes into the Angel card waters.

Unlike that night with Tarot, where the group created a client to do the reading for, this group opted for reading for a real person—but no one seemed to want to volunteer to be that person.

So, I volunteered myself.

At this point, I asked for three volunteers from the group. Using the Life Purpose Oracle Cards*, I had each of the volunteers shuffle the deck and pull a card.

I told these volunteers that they were each conducting one part of the reading: The first person’s card would tell us about my situation; the second person’s card would offer me some advice or guidance for my consideration; and the third person’s card would be a probable outcome.

three card angel layoutAnd then I presented my question: “What do the Angels want me to know about my path with Angel cards?”

leadership-life purpose oracle

Leadership, from the Life Purpose Oracle Cards. Artwork is by Howard David Johnson.

I turned to the first person, asking her to share the card she pulled with the group. She pulled Leadership.

I asked her to share what her thoughts and feelings were about the card. She said, “There’s a woman on the card in full armor. She’s sitting, and there are two angels around her. One looks to be placing a crown on her head.”

I asked, “Based on my question, what do you think the message of the card is for me?”

She replied, “I’m feeling the message is for you to stand up. And the card does say to take charge of the situation.”

Turning to the next person, I asked her, “Based on the nature of the question, and what was said about the situation card, what would you offer as advice or guidance?”

nutrition-life purpose

Nutrition, from the Life Purpose Oracle Cards. Artwork is by Audrey Rawlings Arena.

She said, “Well, the card I drew is Nutrition. On the card, there’s an angel serving a variety of food. The first thing that comes to me is that you’re feeding us with your knowledge about the cards tonight. I’m also feeling that you’ll be continuing to feed others with your knowledge.”

I turned to the group to make a point about how she interpreted the card. She could have talked about nutrition specifically, given the title of the card, or mentioned that the text had the words culinary skills within it. Instead, she trusted herself—and what the Angels were telling her—and communicated that.

I thought it was wonderful.

I moved to the man holding the final card. When he realized he was going to be participating in a reading when he volunteered, he didn’t seem very excited at the prospect of interpreting a card.

I asked him, “Based on everything we know about the situation, and the advice and guidance offered, what could you tell me about a probable outcome?”

Oracle Cards, from the Life Purpose Oracle Cards. Artwork is by Carol Heyer.

Oracle Cards, from the Life Purpose Oracle Cards. Artwork is by Carol Heyer.

His demeanor had changed, and he smiled, as he turned his card around for all of us to see. He said, “I drew Oracle Cards.”

We all had a laugh, and he said he got a “no-brainer” card, that it was really self-explanatory. And we all marveled at how the card spoke directly to the question.

And I also pointed this out to the man and the rest of the group: He seemed reluctant to read a card aloud, and the Angels helped him through it by giving him such an obvious—as well as relevant—card.

At this point, I looked at the clock, noticing that we had come to the end of the presentation. So I concluded the reading there, telling them all they had just done their first Angel card reading for another person. What fun we had!

I share this as a way for you to consider–if you’re interested–tipping your toes into the Angel card waters. Who knows–it could make you want to take the plunge!

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*The Life Purpose Oracle Cards are by Doreen Virtue and published by Hay House.

About James Himm

James Himm Mitchell, the Dreamer and Visionary of LifePlan Coaching & Consulting, LLC, works as an intuitive life coach, with a focus on personal growth and development. His specialties are Dream Decoding, Oracles (Tarot, playing cards, and Lenormand), and Energy Medicine (Reiki), and he uses those modalities coaching individuals to create the tools and develop the strategies that transform their lives.
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