The Evolution of My “Divination Dream”

A few posts ago, I shared a recent experience with the Lenormand, a divination oracle I’ve recently started reading with.

The Whip and the Lilies, from the Malpertuis Lenormand.

The Whip and the Lilies, from the Malpertuis Lenormand.

I had a dream in which I was conducting a reading and two Lenormand cards, The Whip and The Lilies, were in the dream reading. I woke from the dream, and soon after, pulled the same two cards in my Daily Draw for the day.

That dream is the most recent in a series of dreams I’ve had about my walk with divination. If you’ve been reading about my exploits for any length of time, you may recall that it was a dream that led to my picking up the Tarot. In that fateful dream, I was reading my fortune with playing cards, and studying the reading, much like any subject I’ve studied when I was in school.

When I woke, I referred to the book Cloud Nine: A Dreamer’s Dictionary, at my bedside (before becoming more proficient at decoding dreams). The entry under playing cards stated, “Modern playing cards evolved from the Tarot deck and are esoterically related, therefore, to ancient spiritual or religious (usually non-Christian) mysteries.”

Never having used playing cards in such a manner and never seeing or hearing of Tarot cards before, I launched into investigating this esoteric tool, and purchased my first deck.

Soon after, I had a dream in which I was in a school and came upon a house of cards. The cards were a combination of playing cards and Tarot cards. I began to pick up the cards.

I took that dream as an acknowledgment that I had done the right thing picking up Tarot and making it a part of my life.

Over the course of my 16-year relationship with Tarot, I’ve had dreams which revealed meanings for me to associate with certain cards; layouts and spreads I would incorporate into my reading practice; particular decks to add to my collection; and some processes and techniques that were for self-readings, while others would be for my client readings.

And one day last year, I had this thought about that fateful dream all those years ago: What if that dream was telling me I was meant to actually read playing cards?

I discovered the art of reading playing cards is known as cartomancy. So, I began to study cartomancy, and the experience brought back the feelings associated with that dream.

And then, towards the end of last year (December 19), I had this dream:

Lenormand cards

Cards from the French Cartomancy Lenormand deck.

I am leaving a building to be somewhere at 6:30pm. It is daylight. I am outside, walking through water on the ground.
I pass by two women, who stop me. We begin to talk and before I know it, we are looking through the Major Arcana cards of the Tarot. One of the women points out some cards, asking me about them. I look at them and see they are Lenormand cards and tell this to the woman.

I woke from the dream, again with a similar feeling I had when I had that playing card dream all those years ago. I had heard about Lenormand cards, but never had a deck of them in all the years I’ve been reading cards–or even felt led to work with them, for that matter. I knew the dream was significant simply because of the appearance of the Majors, which in a reading represent the bigger spiritual and psychological implications of the situation being explored.

I felt the Universe was putting me on notice—that my Tarot dream was now becoming my “Divination Dream,” and was evolving into its next chapter. The Lenormand was being pointed out as the next tool to incorporate into my study of divination.

A few days later, I picked up my first two Lenormand decks (and since then, I’ve acquired a third). And the beauty of it is that the Lenormand deck has playing card inserts–it’s another way of (still) honoring that very first dream.

I will probably  share some of my readings over the course of my study of the Lenormand, much in the way I’ve done with Tarot over the years in this space.

I share this story with you for two reasons:

  • As a demonstration, once again, of the power of dreams in my life–and for you to consider them as a valuable resource for guidance and direction in your own life.
  • And, if you already do, then for you to consider seeing how a particular series of dreams are evolving, and revealing to you the next stage or chapter of a bigger dream.

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Thomson, S. A. (1994). Cloud nine: A dreamer’s dictionary. New York: Avon Books.

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James Himm Mitchell, the Dreamer and Visionary of LifePlan Coaching & Consulting, LLC, works as an intuitive life coach, with a focus on personal growth and development. His specialties are Dream Decoding, Oracles (Tarot, playing cards, and Lenormand), and Energy Medicine (Reiki), and he uses those modalities coaching individuals to create the tools and develop the strategies that transform their lives.
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